Ankle Brace

Ankle Brace

Triple stabilization through hook loop closures, lace tightening , & rigid splinting, ensure firm protection. Rigid, anatomic splints ensure strong immobilization of both dorsi & plantar flexion movement, It also gives sufficient room for malleolus. PUF fused, matte fabric body ensures durability, high cushion-ning, enhanced comfort,& pleasing aesthetics. Lace pull mechanism, ensures single stroke tightening.

Product Code: D-02

Size: SI M, L

Ankle Splint

Molded splint with perfect anatomy ensures good immobilization & pleasing aesthetics. Unique figure of eight strapping improves grip and control on inversion/eversion movement. Molded Ethafoam pad provides optimal cushioning. Large room for ankle can accommodate, swollen or distorted ankles. Neoprene sleeves protect from abrasion and pressure of tight straps.

Product Code: D-26

Size: UN


  • Open heel allows snug, comfortable fit.
  • Flexible spring stays offer additional support.
  • Helps prevent inversion & eversion & controls rotational sprains.

Size: S, M, L, XL


functional ankle brace with Foam-Gel-Padding

  • conservative and post-operative care of fibular ligament ankle injuries
  • chronic instabilities of the ankle Mode of action
Mode Of Action
  • rigid shells provide very good stabilisation in pronation and supination movements
  • the Foam-Gel of the padding adapts perfectly to the varying anatomic conditions and provides a uniform compression
  • easy adjustable heel strap
  • universal size "one size fits all"
  • three length versions available: standard (long version), athletic (short version), paediatric (childrens version)
  • very light Foam-Gel-Padding with soft, skin friendly surface
  • generous padding of the shell edges
  • only two straps allow a quick and secure fastening; straps can be taken off the shells and individually fixed
  • the medi M.step° can be used for the left and right ankle due to the adaptability of the Foam-Gel-Padding

Protect Ankle Gel

  • Inflatable air cushion (with a pump to allow adjustment of air cushions)
  • The cushions are soft even without being inflated thanks to comfortable foam on the inside
  • Dual chamber system - cooling gel and lightweight air cushion
  • Interior cushions made of soft material

Medi ROM® Walker / Walker boot

Walker with range of motion control

  • post ligament, soft tissue and tendon surgery
  • for postoperative and conservative treatment of fractures of the fibula
  • dislocated fractures of the talocrural joint
  • conservative treatment of injuries of the fore-and middle foot and of the tarsus
  • after ligament refixation and peroneal tendon dislocation
  • for chronic ligamentous instability
  • follow-up treatment following fractures of the talus, calcaneus and medial malleolus
  • for early functional therapy after conservative or surgical treatment for rupture of the Achilles tendon
Mode Of Action
  • optional fixed joint angle or partial excursion; this permits early functional mobilisation
  • plantarflexion : 0°, 10°, 20°, 30°, 40° dorsiflexion : 20°, 10°, 0° immobilisation at each 10° angle setting
  • physiological gait due to special sole design.
  • new, patented „QuickSet" hinge (very easy to use)
  • available in 3 sizes, adjustable to all circumferenc
  • plastic tibia and calf shell for stabilisation of the lower leg
  • separate pad set for a perfect fit of the foot in 7= orthosis
  • velcro system allows problem free wound inspec and personal hygiene
  • set of 3 heel wedges available for Achilles tenor relief
  • open heel minimises pressure on back of hee
  • also available as medi Walker boot (without F hinge)

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