Elbow Support

Tennis Elbow Support

Breathable PUF fused fabric give excellent aesthetics, comfort and long life. Reverse buckle strapping ensure strong grip and firm compression. Silicon pad interface absorbs impact and vibration very effectively, it provides proprioception and quick healing. Smart and sporty, can be used both for therapeutics and prophylaxis.

Product Code: E-10

Size: S, M, L, XL

Elbow Support

Bi-layered construction, dermophillic cotton ensures, comfort in all weather conditions. Nylon outside ensures long life, excellent aesthetics & color fastness. Four way stretchable knit with "Spandex" provides effective compression, & grip. 3 Dimensional knitting provides zones of high compression and no compression for excellent effectiveness. Thick knit retains therapeutic warmth, & provides assuring support. Pleasing aesthetics is an added advantage.

Product Code: E-11

Size: S, M, L, XL


  • Additional round pad offers extra pressure on the muscle in the elbow.
  • Adjustable hook & loop strap for greater tension if needed.
  • Relieves pain from strained muscles in the forearm.



  • Provides support & compression to the elbow joint without restricting flexibility.
  • Retains heat to relive pain

Size: S, M, L, XL


  • Extra circle pressure point & strap offers extra pressure.
  • Supports elbow in conjunction with reducing insertion of extensor carpi radial's tendon.
  • Adjustable compressive strap reduces tension in wrist & finger extensions.

Size: S, M, L, XL


  • Aluminum hinges prevents elbow hyper extension,
  • Provides firm support for maintenance of joint structures, uniform compression & enhanced comfort.

Size: S, M, L, XL

Medi Elbow Strap

elbow Strap

  • epicondylitis
  • tennis / golfer's elbow
Mode Of Action
  • pressure of strap reduces tension on the tendons
  • pneumatic pressure pad
  • individual pressure setting
  • made of skin-friendly cotton-lycra mater

Medi Elbow Support

Knitted elbow support

  • swellings and joint effusions
  • rheumatic and osteoarthritic irritations
Mode Of Action
  • provides relief of the irritated joint and improves blood flow to the soft tissue areas surrounding the joint by producing a constant compression and massaging action during patient movement
  • highly elastic, anatomically formed, knitted two-way stretch support
  • the compression effect improves the resorption of oedema and effusions
  • rapid reduction of swelling, with pain relief in the affected region

Epicomed ®

elbow soft support with silicone support pads and tension strap

  • lateral and medial epicondylitis (tennis elbow, golfer's elbow)
  • dislocation of the elbow
  • joint effusion and swelling due to arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • chronic postoperative and post-traumatic inflammation
Mode Of Action
  • the compressive knitted fabric and silicone insert exert a massage effect which promotes the healing process.
  • specific areas of pressure to reduce pain and relieve tension at the tendon inserts.
  • anatomically tailored knitted support with textured silicone support pads.
  • removeable retaining strap for individual pressure adjustment.
  • specially knitted comfort-zone at the bend of the elbow prevents constriction and pressure areas.
  • high elasticity, breathable and moisture-transporting clima-comfort® knitted fabric.

Epico ROM® II

Range of motion elbow orthosis

  • conservative treatment of elbow dislocations
  • orthotic treatment of fractures of the medial or lateral epicondyles
  • post-operative treatment after implantation of prosthesis
  • functional aftercare of stable fractures of the distal humerus
  • temporary immobilisation after elbow arthrolysis
Mode Of Action
  • immobilisation of the elbow in 10° increments
  • immobilisation of the elbow with optional range of motion in steps of 10° degrees:
    flexion : 0° - 120°
    extension : 0° - 120°
  • easy to fit, adjust and clean
  • full circumference, padded plastic shell with circular straps offer additional comfort and security
  • skin friendly padding can be 'cut' to fit individua patient needs
  • comfortable, removeable hand rest
  • individually adjustable strap for the neck with separate neck pad

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